Kedves Hallgatók!

A mai nap folyamán meghoztam egy döntést. Nehéz volt, de úgy érzem, ez a helyes. A Flying Star Show nem folytatódik tovább. A 84. rész az utolsó. Választanom kellett, hogy mit tegyek: több dolog ossza meg a figyelmem, vagy pedig egy valamire koncentráljak maximálisan. Az utóbbi mellett döntöttem, amibe a Flying Star Show folytatása nem fér bele. Köszönet mindenért!

Dear All,

Today I made a decision. It was hard, but I think I made the right choice. The Flying Star Show will not continue. The episode 84 is the last one. I had to choose what to do: try to concentrate on more things or give up some of them to focus on one and only one thing. I decided on the latter, which means the Flying Star Show’s end. Thank you for everything!



More about Flying Star Show:

The goal of the Flying Star Show, as you can hear in the slogan, is “Back to the Real House,” which is to recall the quality of true House music week after week.
Of course there are other genres from the world of electronic music, but basically we move between House music genres.
The Flying Star Show is hosted by NORKER, but the crew is not just one person. There are many other people who help in the show every week.
The Flying Star Show premiered in August 2018 and has been aired every week on several radios and is also available as a podcast on Soundcloud.