• My name is NORKER. I was 12 years old, when i started to take interest in the world of electronic music.
  • First of all I worked in radios and I made my first radio show named “Fly and Enjoy”.
  • After some time I started my second show, the Flying Star Radio Show. It was a 2 hours long show, where in the second hour you could hear a guest mix.
  • In 2014. I made a change, and started my biggest project so far: FlyWave’s World. This show had more than 200 episodes and it was broadcasted in 2 countries, 6 radio station.
  • I made my own radio ProgBeat from 2016 to 2018. At this time I worked as a music and program editor for more radio stations.
  • Since 2016. I do syncronisation works. I am the voice of more productions, example the Radio E, Alpha Radio, AlphaZOO.
  • In 2018. I started my brand new radio show the Flying Star Show.